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True Service Management

True Service Management (TSM) is designed as a multifunctional IT Service Management system and support tool for the Technical Assistance Operation.

TSM automates Operation and Technical support processes and maybe hosted by Vendor or Telco Operators side.

TSM supports complex hierarchical organization of Support Centers, Technical support groups and users and their correlation with Telco and IS systems configuration organized in Networks and Sites.

TSM System is ready to perform Service support procedures under ITIL 2/3 processes model.

TSM characterics:

  • System is designed as Client-Server solution with RDBMS, Application server and web clients access interface.
  • Web based users access is controlled by variable user roles, user access rights.
  • System uses SSL transmission encoding (https protocol)
  • Two different user interface focused on preferred user role Standard user interface (CI) and System Interface (SI)
  • Multilanguage support is realized as different translation sets into Database.
  • Multimedia communication by E-mail and SMS messages.
  • Web service interface for integration with other IS and Enterprise business process integration
  • TSM is C#/ASP.NET application that runs on MS.NET platform as well as on Mono.NET for Linux/UNIX.
  • Supported databases are MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Intersystems Caché or Ensemble
  • In the case of deployment on Caché/Ensemble, it is possible to benefit from embedded real-time business intelligence module DeepSee that ships with Caché.
  • On Caché/Ensemble, it is also possible to easily integrate with IDEA-ERP and build a complex back-office control centre with all the benefits of IDEA Web System intranet interface.

Key TSM functions and features:

  • Customer support portal with request registration and processing
  • Communication medium between customer, customer service representatives and other departments
  • Workflow management of the request resolution process
  • Product catalogue management
  • Database of Network inventory includes all equipment and network elements
  • Management of support staff and organization in hierarchical levels of Support centres and different roles of group within Centres.
  • Customer Service Portfolio Management (support agreements evidence) and Service Level Management (SLA)
  • Four level Escalation procedure under TAC and groups organization
  • Management of Network inventory and spare parts.
  • Procedure of change and repairing failed HW units
  • Management of Product catalogue with SW releases and Release management
  • Knowledge base management, Reporting, SLA and Services KPI valuation