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21 years in computer software business

Cutting edge technology

We believe that the best technology leads to perfect product, not only in sense of the resulting end-user experience, but also in context of efficient product development and its long-term maintenance.

This is a good reason enough to use the best available technology we're aware of, mostly extented by IDEA's custom value in form of know-how we maintain for more over 20 years:

  • IDEA System is a traditional character-cell based runtime and development platform. We support it on Intersystems Caché and FIS GT.M;
  • IDEA Web System is a web interface for IDEA System, almost 1:1 screen compatibility with minimal or zero need to modify any of original terminal applications. Beeing one of the first WebOSes, IWS is proven by mission-critical environments (24x7 branch-based core banking solution with hundreds to thousands of working users) since Y2k. Supported on Intersystems Caché;
  • FB*Sys and FB*Desk forms a set of messaging and integration tools, patches, and Web2.0 user interface for FIS PIP and core-banking platform FIS PROFILE/DATA-QWIK;
  • EGTM is Erlang binding for FIS GT.M database. After several production deployments in commercial sphere, we decided to convert EGTM's core to an opensource EGTM@GitHub project. Documentation is on IDEA Labs website. There are also several commercial options like EGTM HAC high-availibility extension;
  • IODB is an object database for Erlang. It's powered by EGTM engine, and is expected to be released as an opensource verz soon. At the moment, it's available only as a commercial solution, but you can see IODB documentation for one of earlier versions.;
  • IDEA CloudOS (ICOS) is a WebOS successor of FB*Desk and IDEA Web System projects receiving the best from both solutions including backward compatibility. It's built completely using EGTM, IODB and ChicagoBoss web framework for Erlang.