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21 years in computer software business

Legacy Virtualization

Legacy Virtualization aims to replace all the old and unsupported systems that are somehow business-critical for many of their owners. In many cases, it's not so easy to migrate the application and/or proprietal specialized hardware stuff, and get replaced it by modern "industry standard" servers.

Although these systems are far after their intended End-of-Life, nobody knows what will happen if something get broken one day. What a serious risk, just because people think there's no solution!

In similar cases, we provide consulting and migration services on Stromasys CHARON virtualization solution that is here to preserve your software investments just by replacing the unpredicable hardware without trashing the original, mature-proven application.

We're experienced especially in area of these platforms:

  • PDP-11 and LSI-11 with RSX-11M and RT-11 operating systems,
  • VAX with (Open)VMS,
  • Alpha with (Open)VMS or OSF/1 aka Tru64 aka DIGITAL UNIX.

For more details, take a look at our dedicated thematic website: www.openvms.cz.