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21 years in computer software business

Consulting Services

Development, maintenance, integration

IDEA has know-how and long-term experience with the following:

  • maintenance, migration, inovation, development, and consulting in field of software applications built on top of MUMPS technology and Intersystems Caché;
  • training, consulting, migrations, virtualization in field of legacy hardware virtualization and OpenVMS, Tru64, RSX-11M, RT-11 operating environments;
  • Erlang platform development;
  • Web 2.0 apps development;
  • system integration based on Intersystems Ensemble;
  • business inteligence based on Intersystems DeepSee.

Specialized trainings

IDEA offers specialized and individual trainings in following areas:

  • MUMPS technology -- development and administration: FIS GT.M, Intersystems Caché;
  • development and administration of FIS PROFILE/DATA-QWIK core-banking solution including PROFILE Scripting Language with optional depth of presentation;
  • Stromasys CHARON (implementation, consultation);
  • OpenVMS operating system (administration, software development).

IDEA-powered SaaS applications

IDEA runs several software-as-a-service applications:

  • KIWIS -- web intelligence platform for web visitor data mining including the entire process of marketing case resulting into the signed contract. We also offer optional ad-hoc consulting services and trainings.