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21 years in computer software business

Banking Systems

Investment Banking Solution DON

A complex investment banking solution not only for trading on capital markets. DON is a modern on-line and realtime transactional system based on IDEA's own technology: IDEA-System and IDEA-WebSystem.

DON is running in Česká spořitelna (ERSTE Group) and Raiffeisenbank as one of the most business-critical systems that has been intensively developed and maintained since 1996.

The biggest deployment is based on Intersystems Caché with ~800 branches with hundreds to thousands working users across the whole bank.

Sanchez/Fidelity PROFILE core-banking

FIS PROFILE is a popular banking system originally created by Sanchez Computer Associates.

IDEA participated on several PROFILE projects, especially in field of treasury and investment banking, and has experience with almost everything what is related to PROFILE somehow:

  • MUMPS technology and GT.M at all (development, administration, security, integration),
  • FIS PROFILE/DATA-QWIK development and runtime environment,
  • IDEA maintains a deep knowledge of PROFILE Scripting Language as shipped with the most recent versions of PROFILE 7.x;
  • OpenVMS and UNIX operating systems including the GT.M and PROFILE specific differences across both systems.

While PROFILE is very often running in OpenVMS/Alpha environment, we can also deliver consulting and migration services for OpenVMS and AlphaServers, since IDEA is the only certified Stromasys partner for OpenVMS virtualization solutions in Czech and Slovak regions.